Dragon Capital sponsors Vietnamese installations at London Design Biennale


Dragon Capital is pleased to announce its sponsorship of two exhibitions of Vietnamese art at the 2018 London Design Biennale at Somerset House (4 – 23 September).

Taking over the entirety of Somerset House, the Biennale includes interactive installations, artworks and innovations, for over 40 countries, cities and territories. In particular, Dragon Capital has been supporting the University of Leicester School of Business which has been working with designers and social enterprises in Vietnam as part of the British Council Vietnam’s Crafting Futures programme. The project supports women and girls in local communities to promote and help preserve traditional crafts.

The three Vietnamese designers travelling to London are: fashion designer Thao Vu of Kilomet 109, multidisciplinary designer Giang Nguyen, and visual artist VJ Le Thanh Tung. Also involved is designer and curator Claire Driscoll who has been working with Vietnamese artists in Hanoi and was holding a curatorial talk at the Biennale on 12 September.

Dominic Scriven, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Dragon Capital, comments: “Vietnam has been our focus for the last 24 years and helping to encourage the sustainable economic development of the Vietnam market is part of our long-term commitment. We deeply appreciate the great efforts of the British Council of Vietnam, the University of Leicester School of Business and the Vietnam Rural Industries Institute to promote the future of craft industries in Vietnam.

“Taking Vietnam to the London Design Biennale is a wonderful initiative that fits well with one of our core values, which is to foster creativity. It is a great pleasure and honour for Dragon Capital to sponsor this event. We believe there is a need to preserve Vietnamese traditional crafts. They not only help to generate economic opportunities for female weavers. They also promote environmentally friendly production methods with their use of high-quality natural materials, and their recent move into and contemporary design trends, which can lead to sustainable fashion.”