Workshop On Supporting The Development Of Solar Power In Southern Vietnam


The United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), Dragon Capital Group (DCG), and the Energy Conservation Center – Ho Chi Minh City (ECC), hosted the “Supporting the Development of Solar Power in Southern Vietnam (Solar Hub)” workshop to provide a progress update on the program, which was sponsored by the UK FCO Prosperity Fund, announced in early July 2016.

ECC, DCG, Artelia (technical consultant) and DFDL Vietnam (legal consultant), with extensive experience in consulting and investment in the renewable sectors, presented at the workshop, along with more than 70 guests from EPC contractors, suppliers, commercial businesses, and relevant government departments.

Since its announcement, the Solar Hub has screened more than 80 projects from interested parties, of which 20 were selected for the second round, and 14 were chosen for pre-feasibility studies. The total installed capacity of the 14 projects will be 12,800 KWh, with annual power production of 18m KWh and emission reductions of 9,800 tons of CO2e/year. The Program also promotes and supports the mechanisms for solar investment, under draft form by the government of Vietnam.

The Solar Hub has also built a solar-dedicated website,, to provide a calculation tool for rooftop solar PV systems, legal frameworks, information on the pre-feasibility studies, investors, suppliers, contractors, and a database to support solar power development in the southern provinces of Vietnam.

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