We invest for the long term, always seeking to benefit the economy, society and environment of Vietnam and the other countries where we do business.

Dominic Scriven, OBE


“Economic activity cannot be divorced from the well-being of the society that supports it.”

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

At Dragon Capital, our rigorous ESG policy ensures that all assets we manage are never placed in companies that violate local and international standards for working conditions, arms control, environmental protection, indigenous rights and community safety.

Our clients, many of whom are leading global institutions, demand the highest ESG standards. We greatly value these relationships that have made us who we are today, and will do our utmost to meet their environmental, social and governance expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

We are committed to Vietnam for the long-term. Its interests are the same as ours. We will strive to positively influence Vietnam’s future, not just by helping its capital markets develop, but also by nurturing local talent and volunteering our time to worthy causes.

Our comprehensive CSR strategy is guided by four strategic pillars: Economic Development, Environment, Society and Governance.

Dragon Capital supports new Chair in Biodiversity Economics at University of Exeter

Dragon Capital announced in July 2019 the creation of the “Dragon Capital Chair in Biodiversity Economics” at the University of Exeter. Over five years, Dragon Capital and the University of Exeter will together commit £1.6 million to fund the new position which will look to address the central question of whether there is any correlation between biodiversity and the success of the economy and whether individuals and organisations can, and should, place an economic value on biodiversity.

Our path towards sustainable development

We determine our long term CSR strategy through focusing on four strategic pillars:

Economic development

The long term interests of the country are the same as ours.


Economic activity cannot be divorced from the well-being of the society that supports it.


We will move together towards the goal of a positive future impact, not just in term of finance, but also in terms of time and people.


We have a hard-wired commitment to governance in our investment process.

Member Since 2010

IIGCC is an investor network on climate change; the group works with business and policy makers, as well as investors to help mobilise capital for the transition to a more sustainable economy

Member Since 2010

ACGA is an independent organisation dedicated to implementing effective corporate governance practices throughout Asia. ACGA believes that good governance is fundamental to the region’s economies and capital markets.

Member Since 2013

PRI initiative is a network of international investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.  In implementing the Principles, signatories contribute to the development of a more sustainable global financial system.

Member Since 2013

Nexus for Development drives access to finance in developing economies across Asia to increase sustainable energy and water resource development, advance climate positive solutions, and scale local implementers.

Member Since 2014

GGSC facilitates the mainstreaming, abolishment of barriers and development of the conditions that are essential for Green Business to prosper in Vietnam. Focus areas including renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean technologies, financing green growth, green buildings and urban and industrial green growth.

Member Since 2018

Established in 2018 VIOD aims to advance board professionalism, promote business ethics and transparency, create a pool of independent directors, build a network to connect corporate leaders and stakeholders, and help companies gain investor confidence.

Co-organiser and sole sponsor since 2008

Vietnam Listed Company Awards (VLCA) was initiated in 2008 by Dragon Capital. VLCA has been co-organised by Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, Ha Noi Stock Exchange, Vietnam Investment Review and Dragon Capital Group. VLCA promotes transparency, good corporate governance sustainability and implementation of best practices