Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation

Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation ("HSC") is a leading, premier investment and financial services provider in Vietnam, providing a comprehensive range of products for customers in one of the fastest growing economies in Asia today. HSC focuses on its core competencies in research, technology and service to cater its customer segment in both retail & institutional divisions.

HSC was established in April 2003 through the collaboration of two financial leading entities, the governmental Ho Chi Minh City Investment Fund for Urban Development, now known as Ho Chi Minh City Financial Investment Company, and Dragon Capital. The companies' client profile includes a diversification of institutional investors, retail investors, investment funds, state-owned companies, and other entities across different sectors, market segments and locations. Since May 2009, HSC has been listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange with stock code: HCM.

Through visionary management and exemplary market performance, HSC has secured its position in the list of top securities companies in Vietnam. At present, a strong capital base of nearly VND600bn (VND1.55 trillion in total shareholders' equity) has enabled HSC to solidify its strength and further expand its distribution network to six transaction offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Besides, HSC also takes the leading advantage in terms of technology by providing secure, real-time, accessible information of VN Index for investors via a state-of-the-art "Direct Market Access" online transaction system, Vi-trade. With investors nowadays, HSC is the ideal partner for their financial growth. Connect to HSC at www.hsc.com.vn !

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